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DEADFIELDERS is a 6-part web-miniseries set in the

near future after the Great Zombie War.


The story follows Jamie, a gifted young athlete who finds acceptance through a baseball league on the forbidden Zombie Reservation.


Underneath sporting adventures with the friendly-undead, Deadfielders challenges bigotry in a postwar society while satisfying fans of Baseball & Zombies alike. In a world where the undead can be athletes, a bi-racial kid faces a struggle for tolerance she never imagined.


Deadfielders delivers a funny romp through the post-apocalypse for all ages.

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‘Pink & Blue’ is a PSA-style short film project that uses whimsy to promote gender equality at playtime. The miniature universe of kids’ toys is the setting we’re choosing to power a simple idea: It’s healthy for girls and boys to share EQUAL access to imagination during their developmental years - and beyond.


Our story takes place in a live-action house with real children. After that, a cast of talented actors

including Levar Burton (Roots, Star Trek), Daryl Hannah (Splash, Kill Bill), Michael Madsen (Free Willy, Reservoir Dogs), and Yvette Nicole Brown (Community, 500 Days of Summer) are on board to voice our computer-animated toy characters, with an A-team of animation/visual effects artists set to bring those voices to life.



Pink & Blue is helmed by James Parris, a director with an extensive history in the world of animation and visual effects.


Click here to follow along as Pink & Blue comes to life!

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