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Heather, Thelma, Louise, and Dellany - 2 Hopeful Spsinters

The Three Stages of Production

1. Planning (aka Prepro)


Once you've reviewed the budget and greenlit your project, we begin storyboarding, casting, acquiring props and wardrobe, holding rehearsals, setting the production schedule, choosing the crew, and finalizing the budget.

Storyboard art
Storyboard art

2. Production


Also called principal photography, this is the actual recording phase when the cameras roll.

Grant Langston as Garth Brooks on the set of his music video Trouble Knows

3. Post


"Post" actually describes many different processes including editing, adding music and sound effects, audio engineering/sound design, color correction/grading, visual effects, and preparing files for online and/or DVD release.

Adobe Premiere editing screenshot

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